About Our School

Burnham Brook School is a private day school in Canterbury, New Hampshire, founded in 1982. We are Learning Disability Certified through both the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Departments of Education.

The History & Uniqueness of Burnham Brook School

Our private school is located on nearly 20 acres of forest, field, and stream. Canterbury is a small New Hampshire town that has a strong sense of community and a long history of valuing nature, the arts, creativity, beauty in workmanship, and a dedication to quality of thought and simple excellence. Those values are reflected in the design of the program at Burnham Brook School.

Over the years, Burnham Brook School has earned a strong reputation for the successes of its graduates. Our integrated, multi-sensory, language-based program has been recognized by many organizations as a model program. The curriculum is unique, research-based, and effective. The dedicated staff is highly trained and committed to collaboration.

Qualified Staff

The staff has been working together as a team for an average of five years, which has permitted the fine-tuning of a very sophisticated program. Faculty programs include professional development as well as opportunity for daily collaboration both amongst staff and with independently contracted, related service providers such as Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

Talented Students

Students come from a variety of towns, often traveling as much as one hour to Burnham Brook School. Upon graduation, they attend a wide range of high schools. The heads of these schools often refer families to Burnham Brook School as an excellent program to prepare students for their high school programs. Admissions directors at these high schools frequently say such things as, "When a student comes to us from Burnham Brook School, our job is half-done. Your graduates not only want to learn, they also know how to learn."
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